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Phylazonit bacteria products

Natural contribution to the growth and nutrient supply of the plants.

The Phylazonit History

Our vision is to enable sustainable agricultural production by restoring the soil life and fertility. Because we truly believe soil should be treated as if we had borrowed it from our grandchildren.

Our company come a long way over the past decades – from a small family business to a modern enterprise, still owned by the founders. We extended our activities to cover production, trade, research and development of the products.


The products of the Phylazonit technology are made up of naturally occurring bacterium strains, therefore, they do not have any negative effects on the environment and the soil. By using our bacterium preparations, a plant production practice may be established, which preserves and increases the quality of the environment and the natural resources. Owing to their composition, our products can be safely used in organic farming, creating the possibility for the provision of safe and healthy food to the consumers. We consider what we do as a mission. We seriously believe in that by our work, not only the future of agricultural production, but basically the productivity, the natural equilibrium and the vitality of the soil can also be ensured and what is more, increased.

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