Energia Humin foliar fertilizer

Energia Humin

Foliar fertilizer with 7 important microelements and humic acid,
condition improvement through foliage

For successful crop production, we need not only macro- and meso-elements but also micro-elements in a few grams per hectare. A tiny absence of microelements do not cause visible symptoms, however, it can result in 10-30% yield loss. Metals present in plants in small amounts typically move slowly so young shoots may show deficiency symptoms only during periods of intense growth. The application of foliar fertilizers must be adjusted to these periods.

Energia Humin of high-energy NPK foliar fertilizer has an exceptionally wide content of microelements and humic acid.


In plant protection treatments, several active ingredients are typically used together. But no matter how gentle these herbicides, fungicides and insecticides are to the plants, they cause stress, often showing phytotoxic symptoms (yellowing, scorching) at which point the development of the crops slow down for days or even for a week. The high humic acid content of Energia Humin helps this inevitable situation, the humic acid which in itself can be an important source of nutrients for the plants.


  • offers a unique solution to improve plant health, yield and quality in all crops thanks to its humic acid and complex microelement content

  • humic acids improve nutrient uptake and reduce the risk of scorching

  • the nutrient response of plants is accelerated, nutrient utilization is improved

  • metabolism increases

  • strengthens the immune system, improves resilience

  • it also functions as a humus-like nutrient that is easy to absorb and utilize

  • reduces the stress caused by herbicides

foliar fertilization


1 liter of foliar fertilizer contains: N-113 g, P-44 g, (P2O5-101 g), K-94g, (K2O-113 g), B-2.90 g, Cu-0.63 g, Fe-0.38 g, Mn-0.76 g, Mo-0.23 g, Zn-0.38 g, Ti-0.04 g, humic substances 26 g, organic acids and fructose.

foliar fertilization


For foliar treatment of every arable crop to improve their condition, in the amount of 4-10 l/ha diluted with 200-350 l/ha water, from the 3-6 leaf stage period of the plant until flowering, applied at a concentration of up to 3%.

Accompanied with plant protection treatments or by itself. The use of adhesion promoters is recommended, except copper-containing agents!

Do not use during flowering!

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