Energia Boron

Foliar fertilizer for boron supplementation of oilseed crops,
crucifers and other horticultural plants.

  • Boron plays a role in the formation of the plant cell wall, which of course also affects root formation, a prerequisite for proper nutrient uptake and sufficient yields.

  • Boron is involved in the metabolism of carbohydrates and influences their transport to various organs, which increases the plant’s drought tolerance and improves its water balance and condition.

  • It is essential for development of flowers and setting of fruit, and is one of the most important nutrients. It improves both the quality and quantity of the harvest.

foliar fertilization


Content of 1 liter of foliar fertilizer:
Boron 9.5 m/m% (150 g/l).

foliar fertilization


For foliar treatment of both arable and horticultural crops, in order to meet micro-nutrient requirements, and to treat deficiencies.

Dosage: 1-2 l/ha, diluted with 200-350 l/ha of water.

Can be used in combination with plant protection treatments or alone. The use of adherence enhancers is recommended. In case of co-application with other products, a miscibility test should be carried out.

Never mix the preparations in concentrated form!

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