Energia Zinc

Foliar fertilizer for vigorous plant growth

Energy Zinc Foliar Fertilizer is a liquid fertilizer with lignosulphonate containing zinc, which gives the product excellent foliar uptake.

The zinc supply in our soils is poor, especially in soils with higher lime content, and excessive phosphorus supply can also cause zinc deficiency.


  • Besides being a constituent of certain proteins, zinc regulates a number of enzyme reactions to ensure vigorous plant growth.

  • Another important role is in fertilization, increasing the viability of pollen, which is essential for the sufficient amount of yield.

foliar fertilization


60 g/l zinc (Zn).

foliar fertilization


For foliar treatment of arable and horticultural crops as well, in order to meet micro-nutrient requirements, and to treat deficiency symptoms: 3-5 l/ha diluted with 200-350 l/ha water.

Can be used in combination with plant protection treatments or alone. The use of adherence enhancers is recommended. In case of co-application with other products, a miscibility test should be carried out.

Never mix the preparations in concentrated form!

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