Energia Copper

Foliar fertilizer for improved yields and higher yield quality!

Why do we recommend using Energia Copper ?

  • Copper is an essential element in many physiological processes such as photosynthesis and mitochondrial respiration.

  • In its absence, plant development is disturbed, the cell walls and the transport filaments develop abnormally, so making copper a particularly important micronutrient for stem strength.

  • The plants most sensitive to copper deficiency are spicates (symptoms: bleached spikes, significant deterioration in flower fertility, collapse of the plant).


  • Heptagluconic acid is an excellent complexing agent and is particularly suitable for use as a foliar fertiliser, as it acts without phytotoxicity potential, even at high doses. As a sugar derivative it adheres well to the leaf surface.

  • Good solubility in water, good utilisation, easy absorption, good miscibility compared to other chelating agents.

  • Stable over a wide pH range (2 – 12).

  • Our product is one of the few copper foliar fertilizers that contains the active ingredient in 100% soluble form, which means rapid uptake and easy utilization by plants.

foliar fertilization


75 g/l copper (complexed with hepta-gluconic acid and EDTA).


For foliar treatment of both arable and horticultural crops, in order to meet micro-nutrient requirements and to treat deficiency symptoms.

Dosage: 1 l/ha diluted in 200-350 l/ha of water. In combination with plant protection treatments or alone. In the case of co-application with other products, it is advisable to carry out a miscibility test.

Never mix the preparations in concentrated form!

For spicates: from tillering to two nodes (1 l/ha)

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