Temposensor basic

Temposensor Basic

Along with our products, in our technology, professional application is of emphasis as well.

Adapted to that emphasis, we have developed an application unit that, by determining the speed and position of the machine, is able to continuously adjust the application rate within the field, ensuring that the planned amount of Phylazonite is applied to the area.

It effectively achieves that 1500 liters of Phylazonit is sufficient on 100 hectares at the dose of 15 l/ha.

The controller ensuring speed rate based application calculates the right fluid volume at any given time from data such as real-time speed, working width and dose per hectare to be applied. The desired dose is determined by a preset value on the user interface. Speed measurement and positioning is done by the built-in special GPS unit.

The Temposensor Basic uses a spring-loaded limit switch on the machine to sense the raised position and to pause application in the headland turns.

Temposensor basic

Advantages of Temposensor Basic:

  • adjusts the dose to the rate

  • pauses application in the headlands

  • immediately indicates clogging and leakage, ensuring trouble-free operation

  • cost and yield optimization

  • lays the foundation for precision thinking

It measures the amount of liquid flowing through the nozzles and adjusts the pump capacity accordingly, keeping the desired value at 10 ml/min. It also detects and indicates filter clogging and pipe leakage. If the system experiences a value other than the settings, it indicates the cause of the possible error. It continually calculates and indicates the amount of liquid in the tank, and estimates area remaining.

The bacterial compounds are not used in the scope of the field applying a uniform principle but within the field do we increase the expected effect of the product by adapting to the speed of the machine and soil conditions.

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