Phylazonit Organic TK

Organic manure treatment preparation

The nutrient mobilizing bacteria in Phylazonit Organic TK release and mineralize nutrients from organic bonds to a significant extent, in a form that can be taken up by plants.

A significant proportion of the nutrients in the organic manure are in organic form. This nutrient base is only transformed into inorganic forms that can be easily taken up by plants as a result of microbiological processes after the organic bonds have broken down.


  • Properly treated manure has a positive effect on the physic-chemical properties, structure, water management of soil and on activity of soil life.

  • Organic manure matures significantly faster and will have significantly better quality.

  • The effect of pentosan can be significantly reduced in manure matured with the use of this product.

Phylazonit bacteria strains


Bacterial strains (Bacillus circulans, Pseudomonas putida, Azotobacter chroococcum, Bacillus megaterium) in optimized proportions for manure inoculation, nutrient solution.

Germ count: 4×108CFU /cm3


For the treatment of litter manure removed from stables, at a rate of 0.4-1 l/m3 per cubic meter of manure, mixed in 10-20 liters of water and applied evenly to the surface of the manure.

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