Phylazonit Soil Inoculant

Phylazonit Soil Inoculant

Efficient nutrient uptake – better utilization

The bacteria found in Phylazonit Soil Inoculant multiply on the surface of the root system and exert their multifaceted beneficial effects.

On the one hand, they stimulate root formation, thus providing a larger surface area for nutrient and water circulation.

On the other hand, by living on the root surface, they relieve the plant of certain energy-intensive processes, such as the dissolution of water-insoluble compounds or the production of certain hormone-like substances.

Thirdly, by fixing the nitrogen content of the soil air and mobilizing phosphorus forms bound in the soil, they provide crops with additional nutrients.


  • under the effect of the bacterial fertilizer, denser and deeper root will form which will help the plant in taking up nutrients intensively and enduring droughty circumstances

  • thicker, stronger stem will be produced, ensuring more favorable storage of nutrients and moisture

  • the plant’s ability to tolerate stress will increase as a result of the balanced nutrient and water supply

  • the bacteria applied will contribute to the plants’ growth and ensure their optimum vegetation by producing hormones and vitamins

  • make the phosphor found in the soil available for the plant

  • ensure rich nitrogen source, and

  • improve efficiency of artificial fertilizers

Phylazonit bacteria strains


Bacterium strains (Pseudomonas putida, Azotobacter chroococcum, Bacillus circulans, Bacillus megaterium) in ration optimized to soil inoculation.

Germ number: 109 CFU /cm3, nutrient solution.

Phylazonit green wheat


Arable plant cultures: in 10-20 l/ha dosage.
Horticultural plant cultures: in 10-20 l/ha dosage.

It can be used in all arable and horticultural plant cultures in amount of 10-20 l/ha, with 100-300 l/ha water quantity, applied on the whole land surface prior to seeding, planting and immediately worked into the soil, or by means of a special device (eg. Phylazonit Phyller) with 20-40 l/ha quantity of water applied on the whole surface then immediately turned into the soil, or injected in the seed bed simultaneously with the seeding.

Phyller applicator on cultivator


10 liters can
20 liters can
1000 liters IBC tank

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