Energy Plus foliar fertilizer

Energia Plus foliar fertilizer

High efficiency nitrogen condition improvement through foliage

The nutrient requirements of the rapidly evolving cultures often exceed the nutrient uptake capacity of the roots. It is not unusual that the nutrient uptake is blocked by unfavorable soil conditions (compacted, dusting, potting soils) or extreme weather conditions (drought, too cold or hot weather, leaching and sublimation losses). We have developed a feeding solution through  leaf that supports the intensively developing plants with high N, Mg, S and six micronutrients formulation.

The Energy Plus high-efficiency N foliar fertilizer with meso- and microelements is pronouncedly suitable for supplementing the nutrient needs of plants.

During the period of intensive growth, the nitrogen demand of the plant increases exponentially so we have chosen a form of nitrogen that is absorbed through the leaves with high efficiency and does not cause scorching. At the recommended dose of 30 l / ha, 4.5 kg of active ingredient per hectare are applied. Since plants do not only need one element for development, we have supplemented this formulation with all the meso- and microelements essential for plants. Due to this special combination, the foliar fertilizer is not plant specific and can be used successfully in any culture.

foliar fertilization

Composition information on ingredients

1 liter of foliar fertilizer contains: Nitrogen (m / m%): 15; Mg (w / w%): 6, S (w / w%): 3, B (w / w%): 0.014, Copper (w / w%): 0.015, Fe (w / w%): 0.038, Mn (w / w%): 0.018, Mo (w / w%): 0.075, Zn (w / w%): 0.015.

foliar fertilization


For foliar treatment of every arable crop to improve their condition in the amount of 20-30 l / ha, with the amount of 200-350 l / ha water, in the period from the 8-10 leaf stage of the plant to flowering

In case of co-application with other formulations, a miscibility test is recommended.

foliar fertilization


Accompanied with plant protection treatments or by itself. The use of adhesion promoters is recommended. Recommended dose: 20-30 l / ha. It is advisable to apply in the early morning on  large leaf areas during the period of intensive growth.

Do not use it during flowering!

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