Phyller applicator on cultivator

Phyller Applicator

Proper application and efficient usage of agrotechnology are key factors for the effectiveness of our products. When applying microbiological products containing living organisms, it is of significance to apply Phylazonit with an agrotechnical operation that provides optimal ecosystem for the bacteria. An optimal environment is very important because only with such conditions reached can the bacteria thrive and function, empowering their life processes that have positive impacts on farming activity.

To ensure this, we created the Phyller application device, which, mounted on the power or work machine, dispenses bacteria directly into the soil.

We have developed this further with the Temposensor control unit, which continuously confirms that the same amount is spread within the field depending on the speed of the machine.

Together, Phyller and Temposensor represent state-of-the-art technology to ensure optimal application of the Phylazonit product family, contributing to increasing the fertility of our products, improving the condition of soils, reducing energy consumption, and empowering environmentally conscious farmings.

Advantages of Applicator:

  • Application to soil is done in one pass with the soil work without loss.

  • Regular use can reduce seedling damage.

  • We offer professional options: it can be adapted to any soil tillage implement, seed drill or even power machine.

  • In combination with the temposensor controller, it supports cost-effective and precision farming.

  • These units do not require significant financial investments and are easy to assemble.

  • With the help of our Phyller the number of agrotechnical operations can be reduced which leads to lower fuel consumption and significant decrease of soil compaction.

  • In contrast to conventional spraying, Phyller allows the application of microbiological products at any time of the day and in any weather conditions without risk.

  • Our technical team with several years of professional experience is available for advice and installation.

Possibilities of applying Phylazonit products
  • application in one pass with sowing by using the injection device mounted on the seed drill

  • during seed bed work with the applicator mounted on a tillage equipment or conventional sprayer

  • application in line cultivation

  • at stubble treatment with application equipment mounted on any tillage implement

  • when plowing, with a spreading device mounted on the machinery or on the plow or disk harrow

Phyller Applicator

Phyller Kijuttató szerkezet
tárcsára szerelve

Farmers are often frightened by the handling of stubble during drought, although there is no completely dry soil.

Even soils that appear to be dry to the eye have enough moisture for bacteria to survive an unfavorable period.

The application should not be adapted to the weather but to the condition of the soil. If the condition of the soil allows good tillage, then the application unit mounted on the machine can safely disperse the stubble decomposer.

It should be noted that the application and effect of Phylazonite does not depend on the weather but on the condition of the soil.

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