Phylazonit trichON

Trichoderma formulation for the protection of plants and soil health

Phylazonit TrichON, our new microbiological formulation, creates a plant-fungus symbiosis with the Trichoderma asperellum strain.

By multiplying in the root environment, Trichoderma acts as a spatial parasite to prevent the establishment of harmful fungi in the rhizosphere.



  • It lives in symbiosis with the roots of plants, significantly reducing the habitat of harmful micro-organisms.

  • It improves nitrogen utilization by influencing plant metabolism.

  • By mobilizing phosphorus, it makes bound phosphorus available to the plant.

  • It also plays an important role in exploitation of nutrients bound in plant residues (cellulose decomposition).

  • It produces plant hormone (auxin) which enhance root growth.

  • By generating so-called induced systemic resistance in plants, it boosts the plant’s own immune system, thus significantly reducing the impact of adverse environmental factors on individual plants (e.g. bacterial and fungal diseases, animal pests, drought, frost, etc.).

Phylazonit bacteria strains


Trichoderma asperellum, min. 1,0 × 109 CFU/g.

Phyller applicator on cultivator


100 g/ha before or at sowing and 20 g/ha with sprayer or irrigation. Do not mix with fungicides, but may be used in combination with liquid fertilisers and pesticides!

Recommended use for:
• maize: until 4-6 leaves
• sunflower: until 4-6 leaves
• legumes: from 3 leaves (autumn), (spring)
• rapeseed: from 4 leaves (autumn), (spring)
• soybean: until 4 nodes

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