In select countries we offer our products under the name Myrazonit instead of Phylazonit. In these specific regions the alternative name is used for legal reasons related to a previously existing trademarking of the product name „Phylazonit”.

In order to differentiate our products in these regions we have chosen to offer them under the name Myrazonit, which is used instead of Phylazonit. Our Myrazonit products do not differ in their ingredients from Phylazonit products, and both products are 100% identical in quality.

Phylazonit Soil Inoculant

Efficient nutrient uptake – better utilization

Phylazonit Stubble Decomposer

Soil structure improvement – intensive soil life

Phylazonit Soil Regenerator

Promotion of rooting, protection against pathogenic soil fungi

Phylazonit Rizo

Improving soil life, reducing pathogenic fungi

Phylazonit trichON

Trichoderma formulation for the protection of plants and soil health

Phylazonit Soy

Increased nodulation – higher yield

Phylazonit Organic TK

Organic manure treatment preparation

Energia Humin

Foliar fertilizer with 7 important microelements and humic acid,
condition improvement through foliage

Energia Plus

Foliar fertilizer – High efficiency nitrogen condition improvement through foliage

Energia Boron

Foliar fertilizer for boron supplementation of oilseed crops,
crucifers and other horticultural plants.

Energia Sulphur

Foliar fertilizer for increasing yield and quality in sulphur-intensive crops

Energia Zinc

Foliar fertilizer for vigorous plant growth

Energia Copper

Foliar fertilizer for improved yields and higher yield quality!