“It’s a no-brainer”

Energy Humin foliar fertilizers provide a complete range of micronutrients for crop growth and high yield as well. It also contains substances (for example, 26 g/l humic acid) that help utilize nutrients quickly and efficiently. But how is it in practice? We asked two farmers in Fejér County about their experiences with Energy Humin foliar fertilizer.

Lajos Szekeres (Szekeres Agricultural Ltd.) farms about one thousand hectares in the border of Polgárdi, together with his father, mother and sister. The family farm uses a relatively wide crop rotation, producing a total of six plant species. The largest areas are wheat and maize, followed by rape and sunflower, and green peas and beet.

“Phylazonit has been in use for a long time and because of it, I came across the Energia Humin foliar fertilizer,” says Lajos Szekeres. As we learn, in one of two adjacent wheat fields of 5-5 hectares this foliar fertilizer is in use as an experiment; in the experimental and control areas, the soil conditions, the sown variety and the agrotechnology were the same. Energia Humin was applied at a dose of 3 l/ha in the fall, and at 5 l/ha in the early spring during tillering (in one pass with fungicide).

„The experimental field treated with Energia Humin yielded 10.03 tonnes per hectare and compared to the control area of 8.64 tonnes / hectare, it means a surplus of 1.39 tonnes / ha.

In terms of money, the extra investment of Energia Humin treatment rewarded us with 2,5 times return: at the time of financial closing, it brought in nearly 60,000 HUF extra per hectare! ” – says the farmer, who said the area was a little “pure water-pressurized” and the foliar fertilizer, in addition to providing extra nutrients, could also help relieve this stress.

Tamás Gulyás also manages a 220 hectare family farm. Barley, wheat, sunflower, maize and fodder peas are grown on his lands near Dunaújváros, in the border of Baracs. Because of good experiences in the past, Energia Humin is used throughout the whole family farm. “I am totally convinced! Barley and wheat are already getting foliar fertilizer towards the end of tillering in a dosage of 5 l/ha. We will apply it twice on cereals and peas, once on maize and sunflower. I’ve used different foliar fertilizers before but I haven’t seen such a spectacular effect. And the final result is revealed by the harvester…”

 “Last year, winter wheat was grown on 60 hectares, yielding 9.8 to 11.4 t/ha using KWS SIRTAKI variety. Energia Humin was applied twice on the wheat – first in a dose of 5 l/ha at tillering – in one pass with broadcasting fertilizer (top dressing method) and fungicide and second time in May, before flowering, in a dose of 3 l/ha.”

“A farmer knows from experience when the conditions are ideal, there is a good amount of rain, a good winter, a good spring and summer, then – if you do not make a big mistake – a good crop is guaranteed. “The difference comes out when nature turns against us! There was a year when heat came at the wrong time and there was no rain when it was most needed – well, that’s when you need to be on the top!”

And in such a case, well-chosen technology and Energy Humin with its “extra power” can help a lot.

We can do nothing about a drought of 40 Celsius, but with the help of such agents, we have a good chance of surviving such an unfavorable period.” says Tamás Gulyás.

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