Energia Sulphur

Foliar fertilizer for increasing yield and quality in sulphur-intensive crops

Sulphur is an important element of the expected yield and quality.

Our Energia Sulphur Foliar Fertilizer is formulated to provide excellent through-foliar uptake for cereals, maize, oilseeds, vines, fruit and vegetables.

Soils which are poor in humus and have a looser structure are also lack in sulphur!


  • The product can be used to increase green mass, stimulate vegetative growth of plants, increase crop safety, yield and the crop’s nutritional values.

  • Sulphur is a particularly important macroelement, as it plays an important role in formation of proteins and certain vitamins and enzymes, which are the basis for proper development.

foliar fertilization


Total N: 200 g/l, ammonia N: 140 g/l, urea N: 60 g/l,
sulphur (S): 310 g/l, sulphur trioxide (SO3): 760 g/l.

foliar fertilization


For foliar treatment of both arable and horticultural crops, in order to meet micro-nutrient requirements, and to treat deficiency symptoms.
Dosage: 2-5 l/ha, diluted with 200-350 l/ha water.

Can be used in combination with plant protection treatments or alone. The use of adherence enhancers is recommended. In case of co-application with other products, a miscibility test should be carried out.

Never mix the preparations in concentrated form!

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