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Liquid humic acid soil conditioner

Humic and fulvic acids not only have a positive effect on plant growth and soil structure when applied as foliar fertilizers, but also when added to the soil.

The macro- and microelements (N, P, K, Fe, Cu, Zn, B, Mn, Mo) contained in the formulation are essential nutrients for plants and soil microorganisms, and are present in a water-soluble, absorbable form.


  • Humic and fulvic acids, in addition to their plant hormone-like growth enhancing effects, also support the rapid uptake of nutrients (including fertilizers).

  • They are a universal liquid starter to provide additional nutrients to the plant for uniform emergence.

  • The humic and fulvic acids in the preparation have beneficial chelating effects. When iron, magnesium, zinc, copper and many other nutrients are present in the soil in chelated form, their availability to plants is greatly improved.

  • By adding humic acids to the soil, we stimulate the activity of beneficial micro-organisms in the soil, providing them with an easily absorbable source of nutrients. This improves root nutrient uptake and nutrient absorption, stimulating seed germination, vigorous root growth and crop production.

  • In sandy soils, the soil can protect nutrients from leaching for longer periods. In irrigated areas, it reduces nutrient leaching.

foliar fertilization


N (9 m/m%), P2O5 (7,7 m/m%), K2O (9 m/m%), Cu (0,054 m/m%), Zn (0,04 m/m%), Fe (0,05 m/m%), Mn (0,067 m/m%), Mo (0,073 m/m%), B (0,224 m/m%), humic acid, fulvic acid

Phyller applicator on cultivator


For arable and horticultural crops, at a dose of 3-20 l/ha, 100-300 l/ha, applied and worked into the soil before sowing or planting. Either mixed into the seedbed with an applicator (eg. Phylazonit Phyller) at a rate of 20-40 l/ha or injected into the seed bed at the same time as sowing.

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