Phylazonit Soil Regenerator

The Phylazonit History

„Soil life is our life”

Agrova Ltd. was established in 2003, its legal predecessor was Agrova-Bio Ltd. The company’s owners, Sándor Vajda and his son, Péter Vajda, first encountered the Phylazonit product line in 1996, which was originally patented in 1978.

Our vision is to enable sustainable agricultural production by restoring the soil life and fertility. Because we truly believe soil should be treated as if we had borrowed it from our grandchildren.

Our mission

„Soil life is our life”. We consider what we do as a mission. We believe that through our dedicated work to improve the structure and cultivation of the soil with the aid of using bacteria, not only the future of agricultural production, specifically producing more and healtier crops, but fundamentally the fertility of the soil can be increased!

Our motto is “healthy soil, healthy plants, healthy people”.

We are working to apply this philosophy to more and more of our partners at home and abroad. Our aim is to create a lasting legacy that encourages a new approach within the agricultural sector, supporting farmers while ensuring the sustainable development of humanity through its positive impact on the environment.


Our business philosophy

With Indian wisdom in mind, we believe that “We should respect the soil on which agricultural production and human existence are based as if it were borrowed from our grandchildren.” We are convinced that environmental sustainability must start with soil at the very beginning. Our preparations provide benefits during sowing and crop stubble decomposition stages, as well as solutions for problems caused by pathogenic fungi. By using our products, crops become healthier and seem full of life, thus reducing the formation of substances within crops that are toxic to the human body.

For these reasons we consider it our responsibility to lay the foundation not only for our own well-being, but also for the future generations.

With the needs of the market in mind and with a sense of responsibility and intent to stop the proven degradation of soil globally linked to climate change and excessive use of chemicals, and to remedy the consequences of production challenges in food systems; we offer solutions for improving soil conditions and producing sufficient and healthy crops of high quality. With such goals in mind we have dedicated our research and development to creating solutions for improving soil health.

We Phylazonit and all of our products and services as more than just standard tools for agricultural assistance, but rather an organization offering holistic support for protecting our environment, contributing to the revival of the agricultural sector, and preserving and improving arable land in the long term, preserving the basis of food systems.

Team thinking is a fundamental principle of our corporate culture. We believe that the effectiveness of individual work can be raised to a much higher level working in unison together, so we make it a priority to support each other attentively.

We encourage our employees to make independent decisions in their own fields, thereby extending their sense of responsibility. We also pay great attention to our team members’ creative and innovative activities, suggestions and ideas. We truly believe this is the secret of a successful community.

Phyller applicator on cultivator